No Apology Productions

A Film Production Company 
No Apology Productions Specializes in video production from the United States - Canada. Rather it be a Music Video, Wedding, Commercial or a Movie, No Apologies is the way to go without breaking your budget. Working with several Bands and Celebrities such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Burt Reynolds, Robert Davi & Robert De Niro, No Apology Productions is more than qualified to bring your vision to life.

Meet The Team

Ian  Brennan


Specializes In: Directing, Writing, Filming, Editing, CGI, Story Boarding,  Script Writing 

J Knight


Specializes In: Behind The Scenes Video & Photography 

Andrew Groves

Specializes In: Writing, Filming, Editing, Lighting, Animation, Story Boarding, Script Writing




Specializes In: Video Editing, Animation 

Jason Perkons

Production Asst.

Specializes In: Lighting, Scene Setup,

On Set Assistance 

Austin Nova

Audio Producer

Specializes In: Audio Recording, Score Writing, Mixing and Mastering




Specializes In: Story Boarding,Video Editing,

CGI Animation 

Asst. Director

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